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1. What is net and .net framework?

2. Feature of .Net Framework ?

3. Architecture of .net Framework?

4. Components of .net Framework?

5. .Net Execution Model?

6. Difference between Managed code and Unmanaged code?

7. Versions of .net framework?

8. What is Assembly?

9. What is Private and Public assembly?

10. difference between public and pravite assembly?

11. What does assembly contains in .net?

12. What is Assembly Metadata(.net)?

13. Garbage Collection in .net?

14. Structure of Program(.Net)?

15. Difference between Console and Windows Applications?

16. Methods of Console Applications in .Net ?

17. Literal and Types of Literal in .Net?

18. What is Variables and How many types of varibles in .Net?

19. Oprators in .net?

20. Data types and Conversions in .net?

21. Arrays and Types of Arrays in .net?

22. Features of OOPs in .net?

23. Difference between Class and Abstract class in .net?

24 . Difference between Class and Structure?